Karrusel Forlag My First Tablet - Lær at Skrive

Is there anything nicer than being creative?
Many children find it one of the nicest things because they can express themselves in their own way.
Here it is a format that connects the tablet with books, creativity and reading.
The accompanying cardboard books have a built-in LCD tablet that your child can draw and write on again and again.
All they have to do is draw on the screen with the included screen pencil.
And oops, something was wrong - what do they do?
Well, they just press the little button to erase and start over - isn't that smart?
  • From 3 years
  • The instructions are easy for children to follow
  • And the smart thing is that the children never run out of paper
  • Here it is based on learning to write
  • There are also two other versions of My First Tablet
  • One is with a cool PAW Patrol theme
  • The second is based on learning to count
  • And like I said, if you make mistakes, you just try again, and again, and again…. And yes, we could go on and on
  • Danish language
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