Alvilda Gigantosaurus – Den Store Vinterfest

Welcome to the Cretaceous!
Super nice book based on the popular TV series about the hunt for Gigantosaurus.
We follow the little dinosaurs Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Mini who love to explore.
Here the story is about Mini deciding to make the shortest day of the year more fun with a party.
There must be control over gifts, food and of course the music!
But what if someone ends up not showing up?
Fortunately, Gigantosaurus comes by - and doesn't he know how to throw a party?
So take a trip into the glorious Gigantosaurus universe, where you certainly won't be bored!
A tale that is both fun, crazy and hilarious!
  • From 3 years
  • Based on the book by Jonny Duddle
  • Danish language
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