Alvilda Far og Papa - Hvad Er En Flygtning?

Do you remember the program "Summer Dreams" that the two fathers Kaspar and Lambang Arianto won?
Since they won, they managed to create a community on Instagram, where they share a completely fantastic and unusual family life with their twins Java and Atlas.
As "Father and Papa"  they fight for the very best, namely that all kinds of families should have the right to be well.
"Father and Papa" is a picture book where the inspiration arose from the many questions children ask.
In this book, the starting point is one question - namely, what is a refugee?
It starts quietly with the family taking a trip to the swimming pool, where Java and Atlas suddenly want to know what a refugee is.
And with the help of their crazy mobile phone - the Magiphone, the family is sent on a fantasy journey where they can get answers.
The Magiphone sends the family off, and suddenly they are sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean, in a boat filled to the brim with people in orange life jackets.
But now something happens that should not happen - the Magiphone goes out! Suddenly Father and Papa become unfriended because they have forgotten the charger for the phone.
So now they have to find all the way home to Denmark - and that's on foot!
BUT they could never have been found home if it hadn't been for the help of the kind people.
Here you don't just learn about love - you learn about charity!
  • From 4 years
  • Among other things, words and pictures are put on e.g. questions of both war and love
  • A story full of charm, humor and emotion
  • Danish language
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