Alvilda Alvildas Store Bog om Kroppen

Are you ready to go on an exciting journey where you will learn more about your body?
Here it is a wonderful flip book, full of flaps, cutouts and lots of other fun!
Precisely because there are so many "activities" in the book, it never gets boring for the children.
Their curiosity and desire for learning is therefore awakened even more when they also feel that they become part of the book.
Among other things, the children can discover the sore muscles, the small nerves, all the organs that keep us alive, as well as a lot of other fascinating things in our bodies.
The good thing about the book is that there is a word explanation at the back of the book, so that the children can understand the equally difficult ones, and the little ones can strengthen their vocabulary.
In addition, the book is narrated and written in easy and simple language, so that everyone can participate.
  • From 4 years
  • Danish language
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